Fishing Permits.

C.A.P.S.  2017/ 2018

Club Membership

Available in Store

K.D.A.A. 2017 / 2018

Club Membership

Available in Store

Highwoods Country Park Day Fishing Permits Available In Store.

Adults  £ 8-70 Each.

Juniors £ 5-30 Each.

Open From The 16th of June To The 15th of March

Closed From The 16th of March To The 15th of June

Our Products.


A selection of reels, rods and accessories are available in store, with our experts always on hand to give advice.


Large Assortment of Fly Reels

From £ 20-00 upto £ 300-00

Large Range of Centrepin Reels

From £ 70-00 Upwards

Good Range of Fixed Spool Reels

To Choose From

Prices Starting at £ 6-00


Comprehensive Range of

Freshwater Bait Including

Boilies, Particles, Groundbait, Pellets.




Fishing Flies

Coarse-Fly and Sea Accessories

A Good Range of

Fly Lines and Fly Leaders

in Stock

Rod and reel repairs, spares and restoration.

Repair and restoration of all kinds of rods and reels will be considered, from ancient to modern and everything inbetween.

Parts supplied for rod building and repair, as well as some spares for obsolete


Free friendly advice on rod building and other repairs if needed, just ask for Mike.